Today I’ve been listening to Asobi Seksu, really like the song “Trails” so far.  I realize that I need some nice fresh music in my life, among “nice, fresh” other things.  Cute asian girl leads really can’t go wrong in my opinion.


HOLY HELL and they came out perfectly.  RECIPE!

I also made omusubi and box japanese curry.  Which was also awesome and easy and really not as gross/MSG-ish as I expected..  You boil up a bunch of veggies and/or meats and add a couple cubes of basically curry-bullion stuff.  I boiled baby golden potatoes, so I think using the starchy water gave the curry sauce an awesome texture.  Made sushi rice with champagne vinegar, and it was only a subtle difference, not bad though for an emergency alternative.

I remember seeing commercials for currys like this when I lived in Japan as a kid, which is what brought me to try it.


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